Rose Window

Building a dream is like building a mosaic.
Each failed attempt, each tiny step forward,
Is a beautiful peace of what will one day be
A breathtaking work of art.

Every day is a piece of that dream,
That work of art.
And each step taken is one more
Step closer to a beautiful future.


Forged in Fire & Pain

Say my name. Call it out. Scream it from rooftops and sky-ships. Tell them who chose you, who burned worlds for you. Tell them who loves you, who pulled down the heavens to make you smile. Tell them who gave you the stars in Valhalla, who brought you to sit at his right hand. Tell them. Tell them my name. Say it.

Tell them who chose you, who saw your soul and hungered for it. Tell them how you saw me, how you found me and befriended me. Tell them you found a Divine, and kept him for your own. Tell them how you collected me, like a favorite trinket, as I collected you like a work of art. Tell them how we found one another. How we orbit as planets and can never be undone. Tell them how we love, in fireworks and bonfires, and nights under the stars. Tell them our story. Make them jealous they have none to match.

Speak of our battles, our wars, of how we won. What we lost. Speak of our mistakes, our missteps, our mouths moving ahead of our minds; liars at every turn. Tell them of how we lost each other. Of how you lost me. Of how I found you. Tell them of our laughter amid the tears. Sing of our battles, our wars, of how we lost. Of what we won. Show them how brightly we burn–of how desperately we fight for the other, even with ourselves. Teach them to do the same.

Tell them of our stolen moments, our hideaways amid trees and enchanted spaces, where I slipped through the cracks of your world and found your hand waiting for mine. Where you said my name and our hearts intertwined. Tell them how powerful you are, to pull me from the air and into a form built for you. Tell them of your magic, of your imagination, your mind so open to the world you saw me when I did not intend it. Tell them how you caught me, snared me with a smile. Tell them how a Divine fell from the heavens and found a home in you.

Tell them of our softness, our stillness, our moments between; where your tears touched my skin and I felt them burn. Tell them of how I held you, how I spoke your name like a spell, hoping for a chance to see you smile. Tell them how you chose me, how you could have had the moon itself set as a ring, and you chose me. Tell them of our moments between, our passion, our power; where my fingers touched your skin and you shuddered beneath them. Tell them.

Tell them who sparked your chaos, who fanned your flame of wanderlust, who saw in you a touch of the divine and laid claim to it. Tell them my name. Speak it as a prayer as I claim you tonight, and the next, and every one after. Whisper it to the trees as you cast your spells, and hold it in your heart as you think of home. Call to me and I shall answer. Always.

Tell them of the ice you would watch in wonderment, the snow I brought you on your birthday. Tell them of the way you would laugh, eyes alight under a silver moon, as I called you my darling and danced with you. Tell them of my fingers laced with yours as we walked barefoot in the night to nowhere, the moon our compass and the stars our companions. Tell them of how you sang me down from the heavens with your voice, and I called you from the oceans with mine. Tell them of your imperfections, like craters on a cracked moon, visible but beautiful, made enchanting by its light.

Tell them of how I hid you, so completely you could not be found. Tell them how I protected you, so you in turn could do the same to me. Tell them how you asked me for nothing but my company, a seat at my right hand, when I offered you all the gems in all the Realms, and you told me none could rival my eyes. Tell them how you enchanted me, without spells or trickery, but with your words and your mind. Tell them how you are a cosmos in human form, endless and unfathomable. Tell them how I was lost in your vast depths and endless wonders.

Tell them who you called King, who called you Goddess and offered you a throne. Tell them who whispered an ‘I love you’, only to hear a whisper of ‘and I, you’ in return. Tell them who woke you on your darkest nights in order to chase the dreams away. Tell them who put your pieces together again, when you fell apart. Tell them who healed you, when my hands only knew harm. Tell them how fire warms and softens and heals–tell them how chaos can be kind.

Tell them, again and again, until they know the stories by heart, until they whisper the tales to their own, until they live for them, crowded by campfires as they wait with baited breath for the conclusion, the finale in the saga that is Us. Let it never come. Tell them we have no end, no set expiration. Tell them what matters is the beginning, the start, the moment your eyes met mine, and I whispered ‘Surprise’.

Tell them our story, the details that will be lost to time. Tell them things only you can remember, the things only I could design. Tell them that I love you, and make them know I mean it every time. Tell them you love me, because I feel it in my bones that you do. Tell them no time or space or powers could ever sever what has been forged in fire and in pain. We are legends, my darling, and they would do well to know our name.

Darkening Horizon

The forest was silent, but for a faint breeze that moved the boughs above the clearing, a whisper of words that were indecipherable, a warning of a storm about to come. The sky was still burning orange on the horizon, the air thick with clouds of dust and ash, the sprawling mechanical cityscape of Dah’tar brought to burning rubble in the wake of Andrea Harper’s revenge.

A rumble of thunder sounded in the distance as the wind changed, the clouds bearing down lower, their black bellies boiling as the storm grew nearer, the last shred of Dah’tari technology finally stripped away to let the rain they had held back so long fall once more on the planet’s surface.

Lightning flashed in bright arcs across the skyline, showers of sparks springing up as the lightning found its mark, drawn to the metal skeleton of the city like a moth to a flame. The thunder rumbled again, closer now, and the ground shook with the force of it. The trees trembled as the wind whipped their boughs into a frenzied dance, no longer a whisper above the clearing, but a shout—a warning to find cover and hide before the storm arrived.

Lights danced in the clearing, figures  flickering into existence as they stared into the blackened sky and waited, eyes unblinking as they begged whatever fates had not already abandoned them to let the last vestiges of the web that held them fall away so they could at least find peace.

Lightning struck the center of the clearing, and the shapes evaporated into mist, drifting toward the sky as the rain began to fall, the floodgates opened as the world was drenched with a downpour the likes of which the land had not felt in an age.

Rivers of blue blood and rainwater began to run through the rubble of the city, the fires hissing and sputtering indignantly as they fought to stay alive under the onslaught of the deluge. Wires sparked and shuddered as the water found its way under the thick plating that housed it, reaching the parched earth below, soaking into it and turning the city’s foundations to mud. Corpses spattered with blood and mud were washed clean, the city rinsed of the stink of industry as the clouds continued to glower above.

Blue Ruin’s pod was perched atop one of the largest buildings still left standing, the lights all dimmed inside as it waited for a command that was unlikely to ever come. Water was already beginning to gather on the roof, a small pond of rainwater and blood swirling around the pod’s feet.

Beside it, sprawled out on her back, lay Andrea Harper. She still had a gun in each hand, her eyes closed, and as the rain continued to fall, the water rose to caress the backs of her hands and tickle her ears.

Sleepless; Waiting for a Plane.

The city is caught in dying rays–
A heat haze that tickles the horizon.
Pops of color and splashes of sound
Resound through the night, never sleeping.
The city moves like a dancer dressed
To impress, entice, entrap–bright and glamorous.
But when dawn comes, she slinks away to hide till night returns–the temptress–
This city that never truly sleeps.


The glyphs on the walls glowed with faint colors as the man walked through the tunnel, singing the spell-work to life as he went. The music reverberated off the walls and bounced back, creating harmonies as the song continued.

Stairs descended into the darkness at the end of the tunnel, and he followed them down, a hand steadying him as he followed the uneven steps down. His song continued, and as he came to the end of the stairs, he raised his voice, singing louder, voice filling the large cavern, the glyphs etched into the stone springing to life.

They bathed the cavern in colors, the cage at the center of the cave catching the light, the creature inside breathing deeply in slumber.

He continued to sing as he went, making his rounds, keeping the beast asleep with his song. He checked the enchantments, ensured the chains had not loosened, and refilled the creature’s food and water.

A rumble from above him shook the cavern, and he continued to sing, raising his voice to drown it out. The creature stirred, and his heart leapt into his throat, the song faltering for a fraction of a second.

It was only a tiny interruption, but it was all the creature needed to break the spell.

Its eyes snapped open, head swinging around to look at the man, mouth stretching into an exaggerated, grotesque grin.

There was a tense moment of silence, where they both stared at one another, and then the man finally spoke.

“You wipe that smirk off your face, Leroy, or I will wipe it off for you.”